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Elise Wilson, Aspen ProMediaAspen ProMedia provides professional television production services in Flagstaff, AZ and Worldwide.

Elise Wilson
Director of Photography | Camera Operator | Video Editor

When the President of the United States comes to town, my phone starts to ring... and ring.  Television networks and TV stations in Phoenix have me on speed dial just for this type of assignment.  Why?  They know that I'll tell the story through the lens of my camera and deliver that high-definition footage on-deadline.

Corporations, local busineses, non-profit organizations and others depend on Aspen ProMedia as well. They tell us over and over again... "It's not only that we can depend on you for great results, you are a pleasure to work with."

Rob Wilson, Aspen ProMediaRob Wilson
Producer | Camera Operator | Video Editor

At Aspen ProMedia we have a unique dedication to our customers. If something needs to get done to keep a project on track... we do it.  If the opportunity arises to get the perfect shot... we take it.  Working with us at Aspen ProMedia is a true colaboration and partnership.  We understand your needs and your goals, and we won't stop until we bring your vision to the screen in stunning fashion.

Yes, we have the experience... but we offer much more than that. We pride ourselves in being professional and creative, having a top-notch team, and always keeping a great attitude. That's who we are!


Aspen ProMedia is a dba of Lil Gnarley Inc, a Arizona corporation that is 50% woman-owned / 50% veteran-owned.
Flagstaff, AZ Chamber of Commerce member since 2005.


Elise Wilson

Primary Videographer for the Emmy Award Winning
“Forests Under Fire: The Race to Restore the American West”

Director of Photography and Chief Editor
"Papa Tortuga", Internationally awarded documentary