Award-Winning | High-Definition | State of the Art

Aspen ProMedia ProductionThat means Aspen ProMedia uses professional, high-quality video production equipment and the latest software to reproduce the highest quality images for your project.

Getting the right look and feel means using equipment tailored to the job.  We shoot with:

  • JVC High-Definition
  • Canon DSLR
  • Panasonic P2
  • Red, Sony and other UltraHD cameras

Aspen ProMedia EditingPost-Production
Using state-of-the-art, custom-built computer systems and the latest Adobe Software ensures that we can input all formats, edit fast and effectively, design and build sizzling motion graphics, and output projects for different types of delivery.

Passionate Team
Having access to the latest and greatest equipment is a huge advantage, but there is nothing like having an experienced and creative team.  Over the past two decades we have assembled a team like no other.  Our team is a group of professionals that all share one thing... PASSION for what they do.

That's how we do it!

Samples of Our Work

Papa Tortuga Documentary

Papa TortugaA short film about how one man's efforts have helped to save the endangered Lora Sea Turtles from extinction.

WINNER: "Best of Arizona" Award at the Arizona International Film Festival

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